15 Litres Water Heater

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Indulge in the luxury of having 24/7 constant supply of hot water to pull through the chilly winter months by purchasing the Havells Monza EC 10 Liters Electric Storage Water Heater. It displays a contemporary, tasteful design, progressive features and water tubes with whirl flow technology. It is equipped with adjustable knob for temperature settings, heating indicator lamp and it ensures high level of protection to the electrical parts from water splashing. Design and Dimensions: This electric water heater show cases a voguish design and is equipped with an adjustable knob to set the temperature. The inner tank of this heater is coated with dry powder Feroglas and offers protection to the tank. This water heater is packed with multifunctional safety outlet and a tank capacity of 10 liter which makes it ideal to be used at homes. It is available in a splendid white shade. Heating Technology: Havells Monza EC 10 Liters Electric Storage Water Heater is incorporated with incoloy coated heating element that offers outstanding and superb resistance to the heating elements. Incoloy is a super alloy which is nickel based and offers protection against corrosion. It prevents oxidation and carbonization at high temperatures and protects against erosion from hard water. The water tubes in this heater are powered with the whirl flow technology that helps in saving energy. It further has safety feature for giving excellent protection to electrical parts from water splashing. A heating indicator lamp is present in this heater which shows the temperature of the water. This heater consumes power of 2000 watt for its operation. Additional Features: The energy saving high density PUF insulation of this heater offers excellent protection against radiant heat loss. This energy efficient electric water heater is available with a BEE rating of 5 Star, which proves its efficiency in saving electricity as a heater. It is available with a warranty of 2 years. Features: Dry powder Feroglas coated inner container, Energy Saving High Density PUF Insulations, Incoloy Heating Element Heater Type: Electric Capacity: 15 Litres BEE Rating: 5 Star Warranty: 2 Year(s) Wattage: 2000 Watts Color: White.

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